Fertility Program
DescriptionDiscover your full fertility potential with our 28-day program that is tailored to a woman's tailored to a woman's monthly cycle. Our program is based on the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and incorporates proven practices to promote hormonal balance hormone balance and reproductive health. Our plans are aligned with the yin and and yang cycles and include daily recommendations and practices designed to improve aiming to improve fertility and overall well-being.  OverviewThis program will follow your cycle, beginning from the first day of your menstruation all the way to the beginning of your next, and will be built across four primary phases which echo the concepts of yin and yang within TCM, similar to the 4 seasons. The program will entail:Recommendations for your lifestyle based on ancient TCM teachings.Morning and evening routines to promote fertility according to TCM teachings.Supportive yoga exercises tailored to each phase of the cycleRecipe suggestions tailored to balance the yin and yang of your cycle with an optimized diet to increase your fertility potential.Support for reproductive health and hormone regulation.Acupressure instructions to reduce stress, promote well-being, and enhance your fertilityPlease note: the program is based in part on scientific research and partly on the basis of proven methods, the effectiveness of where the effectiveness has not yet been proven according to Western standards, but has been used for centuries in have been used in TCM teachings for centuries. Suitable for individuals who are:Are looking for a natural way to increase the chances of success during in vitro or hormone treatmentWant to increase their fertility without treatment and are interested in integrating traditional Chinese practices into their daily livesLooking for a way to support the body's natural hormonal balance and improve overall well-being Are over the age of 18 Not suitable for individuals who are:Suffer from chronic or acute illnessesWhose biological sex is not femaleAre taking medications that may interact with TCM treatmentsWho have recently undergone surgery or are currently recovering from an illnessHave severe allergies or hypersensitivities to herbal remedies or dietary supplementsWho have been advised by professionals to avoid TCM treatments.Already pregnant individualsPlease note that this list is not exhaustive and that it is always best to consult a health care professional or physician before beginning a course of treatment.

Nurturing Your Pregnancy with TCM Wisdom
Inspired by the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this program combines nutrition, daily routines, acupressure practices, yoga, and gentle exercises to provide optimal support for expectant mothers during their second trimester. And the best part is: this program can be repeated up to three times, allowing you to fully enjoy the entire second trimester.

Qi Awakening
Das Qi Awakening Programm ist ein umfassendes Gesundheitsprogramm aus der Taoistischen Chinesischen Medizin, das sich auf die Stärkung und Kultivierung des Qi, der Lebensenergie, die im Körper fließt, konzentriert.